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"Alternate Guitar Tunings (are great!)"
Andrew Yoda
Andrew Yoda

04/06/14 21:03

 Hi There,I just wanted to say to anyone not sure about using "Altered" Guitar tinings, just do it!Check out Youtube, or the Web for tons of info, as many tunings will lead you in many fascinating areas of musical expression, and I'm so glad I tried this!Andrew

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"Mitsuo has won the give away"
DJ Serious-Music

04/03/14 05:06

"Wednesday is radioooooooooooo with DJ Serious-Music"
DJ Serious-Music

03/31/14 04:31

"On air!!"

03/30/14 15:36

You gotta love Teva's Sunday Radio Show !! :)
Tonight also featured jonadean's "Uncertainty" \m/
Tune in ~ 3/30 8.oo

"Teva's Easter Radio Show Sunday April 20, 2014!"
DJ Teva Teebrook
DJ Teva Teebrook

03/19/14 20:08

Easter harp.jpg

Even though I am not very religious, I am going to have an Easter show because the music of Faith ROCKS! Out of respect for other people and their faiths, I will be holding an all out Christianity, and spiritual music radio show to include Christian Contemporary, Christian Rock, some good time...

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DJ Floridamusic

DJ Floridamusic

8:00 PM EST
5:00 PM PST
1:00 AM GMT (Saturday)
2:00 AM CET (Saturday)

DJ Axe

DJ Axe

8:00 PM EST
5:00 PM PST
1:00 AM GMT (Sunday)
2:00 AM CET (Sunday)

DJ Teva Teebrook

DJ Teva Teebrook

8:00 PM EST
5:00 PM PST
1:00 AM GMT (Monday)
2:00 AM CET (Monday)

Recent Song Comments

Fun in the Sun - Teva's beach party!

DJ Teva Teebrook
04/19/14 03:27:25
Interesting info about the ukulele! You did a pretty cool lil job here Rob, I mean Morgoth, err,...

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The Men and their demons

Rob Masters
04/18/14 17:41:57
Awesome stuff! Big sound with a powerful message.

Rob Masters

04/18/14 13:19:23
mikey likes it !!! fully charged guitar rythm on this - adrenalized - has a feel of some of the...

read more

P Eric Bailey
Obduco (The Passing)

04/18/14 05:09:13
Beautiful Orchestration!!!

John McCray
Mr. Green

04/18/14 05:07:50
Nice and edgy feel to this track...nice harmonies!!

Audio Nitrogen (Jack Thammarat Lead Guitar)

04/18/14 05:06:26
Great pace...and I like this version..Fine guitar too!!!
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