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fwrunner fwrunner

04 Oct 2015 12:30 AM
Burning Brains The Band Burning Brains The Band
Hard Rock
02 Oct 2015 08:36 PM
Instrumental Rock
29 Sep 2015 11:24 PM

19 Sep 2015 05:44 PM
Reaper_Mental State Reaper_Mental State

17 Sep 2015 07:15 PM
StreetRunna Phresh StreetRunna Phresh
08 Sep 2015 03:07 PM
holmanrv holmanrv

08 Sep 2015 06:20 AM
HIFI Stream: (mp3, 3.08 MB, 03:22)    Rock
Born in Alabama, Raised in Tennessee. I moved to L.A. after college to persue my dreams of music. I lived there for 15 years and made alot of my dreams come true, Playing venues that I had only read about before, with major artists really was a dream come true. What a rush! I finally got tired of life in the big city and all of the problems that...
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grutstein grutstein
04 Oct 2015 03:49 PM
Robin Britt Robin Britt
01 Oct 2015 07:42 PM
missy missy
30 Sep 2015 08:04 AM
lowellG lowellG
26 Sep 2015 05:34 PM
Indie Listener Indie Listener
23 Aug 2015 11:44 AM
thumperam thumperam
21 Jun 2015 06:51 PM
Christophacous Christophacous
24 May 2015 06:24 PM
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16 hours, 10 minutes ago:
Have Everyone A Wonderful Weekend!!!
16 hours, 16 minutes ago:
updated profile
16 hours, 32 minutes ago:
created photo
16 hours, 33 minutes ago:
Listen My New Hit Song 'What's Left For Me' With Pete Tebar From Hit Awarded CD 'H34RT + 50UL' (2015)
16 hours, 35 minutes ago:
created song
23 hours, 20 minutes ago:
No radio show tonight, I will be taking the night off, have a great weekend!
1 day, 1 hour ago:
Want to thanks to Frank Northcutt and Indie Music Works for include me on their October 2015 Newsletter Artist Spotlight
1 day, 7 hours ago:
Good Morning Folks!
1 day, 18 hours ago:
updated song
1 day, 18 hours ago:
created song
2 days, 7 hours ago:
Good Morning Folks!

October 2015 Newsletter
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September 2015 Newsletter
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August 2015 Newsletter
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June/July 2015 Newsletter
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May 2015 Newsletter
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April 2015 Newsletter
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"Playlist for Friday, 10/02/15"
DJ Floridamusic

10/02/15 20:14

Playlist 10/02/15

"Things That Go Bump In The Night!"
Frank Northcutt

09/13/15 06:47


Bwahahaha! Just a reminder that Halloween will be upon us soon. Still time to get your spooky Halloween songs and compositions submitted to IMW for the annual IMW Hallween Bash, on October 30th. Send your mp3 to, and we'll post it on the IMW Halloween page, and put...

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"Party Tonight"
Frank Northcutt

09/09/15 06:20


Just posted a rough demo of a little blues-rock tune, that is intended to emulate the mid-'60s Yardbirds or Animals sound. I contend that the sloppiness of the performance simply adds to the authenticity of the recording. :o)  But I will try to clean it up, after I...

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"Another Great Day of Listening!"
Indie Listener
Indie Listener

09/01/15 12:53

Today I was lucky enough to hear music from Chris Georgiou and Dimitri Pastoris, Music Gallery, Fortune in Lies, Mucklers Circle, Sam Hankins and Joshua Cole.It was good to see some Jazz and Country here. Seems there is very little of these genres as compared to hip hop, rap and the like on the...

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"More Great Discoveries"
Indie Listener
Indie Listener

08/25/15 15:03

Today was another great music day here on this site for me. I heard music from; Moving parts,  April Knoll, MILE25, Vonhall, Brian Ralstons Self Tort, Ariels Attic and a couple from pushingthesun.All great music in a variety of genres, I'm finding some tracks that sound very professional and...

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"2nd Day"
Indie Listener
Indie Listener

08/24/15 11:18

This is my 2nd day on this site and I've already found some great music here. Downward Summer, Silvertrain, Voulblys, Baiki, Levrage and Shallowpoint are most definately some great finds for me. It's bands like these that make Indie a great choice for me.I'll be listening to more tracks and leave...

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DJ Floridamusic

DJ Floridamusic

8:00 PM EST
5:00 PM PST
1:00 AM GMT (Saturday)
2:00 AM CET (Saturday)

Recent Song Comments


10/09/15 09:46:55
this track is so alive, rocks the morning, great work on the skins man. has an I mother earth...

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What About Love - LARYCRAFT - Heart cover

Jean-Philippe ROGER
09/28/15 08:51:31
Excellent ! Great collab !

IMW Halloween Page
Psycho (with Ken Sacco) - RedEyeC

09/28/15 01:10:41
Great work, Bob. Really like this whole production. Some flying fingerwork, too.

Frank Northcutt
Party Tonight (with Farrell Jackson)

09/28/15 01:02:58
Great song, Frank with a really good feel to it. Nice harp from Farrell. Smooth lead break....

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Outlaw Country Rebles
Weed=Bye,BobbyG,Mach.& Truevulgarian

Thomas Krug
09/27/15 04:14:51
A wonderful handmade warm sound and song! I have the feeling to be close by. Great! And top...

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Outlaw Country Rebles
MR.Blues Man=JosephRodz, Mach & BobbyG

Thomas Krug
09/27/15 04:10:40
I deeply enjoyed listening to this fine piece of music. Grat playing and singing! Top!

The Hard Way

the DEEP
09/26/15 02:48:13
BRILLIANT track Jaug! delighted that i could this for listening on the road. The ultimate in...

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Jasmine Tea
09/25/15 09:55:14
All the elements masterfully woven into this beautiful tune. A greatly enjoyed interlude :)
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