October 2016 Newsletter
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Indie Music Works News

Prepare to Scare!

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Yes, it's that scary time of year. On Friday, October 28th, DJ Floridamusic will once again present the IMW Halloween Bash - a show dedicated to the scary, spooky, and supernatural. Remember, it's not too late to submit a new ghoulish tune, to be broadcast at the Halloween Bash! The more, the scarier!

Be it a scary song, a spooky story, or an eerie instrumental, we are always digging for new songs to add to our growing list of creepy creations. So, don't be fearful. Crawl down to your laboratory, and start mixing some terrifying tracks. When 'it's alive', send an mp3 to halloween@indiemusicworks.com. We will post it on the IMW Halloween Page, and DJ Floridamusic will play it at the Halloween Bash, on Friday, October 28th.

See you then... if you dare!

Track Tactics


From time to time we will print installments of a new series 'Track Tactics'. It will highlight studio suggestions, submitted by our members - some tricks and tips that may help make your sessions more enjoyable, and improve the quality of the finished product.

Temporal Shifting - by Frank Northcutt

Here’s a little trick that many of you may already know. I use it quite often to increase the fullness of instrumental tracks. I particularly like the effect on guitar. It involves a temporal or time shift. Let me give you an example that you can try, if you haven’t done so before. Use your headphones for this one.

Strum some chords on a completely dry guitar – no reverb, delay, chorus, or any other effect – recording it to one monaural track. Make sure the track is panned to center, and give it a listen. Just as you would expect, it’s a pretty lifeless, one-dimensional guitar track, coming at you from the center of the field. Now, copy this track to a second track. Pan these two tracks equally to each side (say, 10:00 and 2:00), making sure the levels are equal. Once again, play it back. If you were expecting a more full sounding guitar, you may be disappointed. Assuming your ears are pretty much the same, your mind interprets the sound as something directly in front of you, and it sounds very much like that single mono track, in the middle of the field.

Now here’s the trick. Shift one of tracks to delay it by about 15 or 20ms, leaving everything else the same, and play it back again. The human brain cannot resolve that short of a time difference, so you can’t tell which track is sounding before the other. Instead you should hear a fuller, richer sound that fills the entire field.

That’s fine for a simple guitar based tune, but there is another way to use it in a more complex mix. First apply some of your favorite reverb to both tracks, but add 2 or 3 times as much to the delayed track as you do to the original. Now, drop the level of the delayed track; let’s say somewhere between 6 and 10 dB down. Play this back, and the track that wasn’t attenuated is pretty much all you hear.

Now, while it is playing, push the fader for the attenuated track all the way down. You may not have heard that track, but you will certainly notice when it is gone. Push the fader back up where it was and you will notice that it gives the guitar track just enough support so that it has a much fuller sound.

We hope this was a helpful tip that you can use in your next recording session. Do you have a favorite studio trick that you'd like to share? Send it along to imwnews@indiemisicworks.com and we'll print it in our next edition.

IMW Streaming Radio

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IMW Radio is broadcasting 24/7, presenting music from IMW artists. Here's a quick link to IMW Radio, to add to your favorites. And, of course it is easily accessed by clicking the IMW Radio tab on the home page. In order to listen to the radio programs, download the free IMW Radio app. for your smart device. Go to your app store and search for "IMW Radio", download the free app and you're all set! It's as easy as that. Now you can listen when you want to!

The app will work for all Apple and Android devices so hurry and download today and start listening!

Live Radio

DJ Floridamusic brings his live radio show to you every Friday night at 8:00 PM EST; bringing you some of the best Indie music on the planet.

DJ Floridamusic

If you haven't had a chance to catch one of the live shows you really should check it out! And come join other IMW artists and listeners in the chat room during the radio shows! A great way to meet some of the other folks on the site.

Something is Missing at IMW

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That's right - no advertising. Indie Music Works is a non-commercial site. We don't clutter our pages annoying flashing banners, pop-ups, and mouse-overs. Just music, the artists that create the music, and the valued listeners who enjoy the music.

But the fact is, with no advertising, we have no advertising revenue. We depend upon the generosity of our members to keep the music playing. Membership is always free, but kind donations from our members is what pays the bills - ISPs, server space, and software support are not free.

If you would like to help, and can afford to do so, click on any of the 'Donate' buttons, located throughout the site. You can use Paypal to make a single donation, or set up a convenient monthly recurring donation. You can also send a check if you prefer. Just send your check to 'Indie Music Works', to the following address. Be sure to use the 'Zip + 4'.

P.O. Box 320573
Tampa, Florida 33679-2573

There are non-financial way in which members can help IMW, as well. See 'How Can I Help IMW' below.

Thank you!

A Note About Copyright


Just a reminder for our members that copyrighted material is not allowed on IMW, unless you own the copyright for the work, or you have licensed the work. If you have purchased a license, proof of licensing should be included in the "Info" space when the work is posted.

If it was up to us, we would allow covers. But agents for the recording industry do contact us from time to time to inquire, and remind us of the law. We risk losing the site if action was to be taken against us. This policy is included in our Terms of Service statement available here - IMW Terms of Service.

Thanks for the Donations!

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Indie Music Works would like to send out a big 'Thank you' to our members who have recently donated to the site! As a non-commercial site, it's donations from our members that keep the music playing.

KOR, Ricky, imaginespark

Welcome New Members

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We would like to welcome our newest members to Indie Music Works. We're glad to have you on board. Enjoy the site!

Artists - spotlight records, Urban Shokker, Mushroom Cloud, ghostairplane, ROBIN-RAMBLES-ON

Listeners - Hardtimein

How Can I Help IMW?


There are many ways for members to contribute to the continued success of Indie Music Works.

Financial contributions - Membership is always free at IMW, but donations to the site in any amount are always appreciated. We're a non-commercial site. We don't clutter our pages with advertising. Therefore, donations from our members who can afford to do so, are what pays the bills. See the "Donate" buttons throughout the site to use PayPal. You can make a single donation, or to set up a recurring, monthly donation. You can also donate by sending a check to;

P.O. Box 320573
Tampa, Florida 33679-2573

Be sure to use the zip+4

Article writing - Have a knack for writing? We're always looking for articles about various aspects of music and the music biz, for the newsletter. Check out some of the back issues (posted on the home page) to see what we mean. Contact any of the admins with your ideas.

CD donations - Have you recorded a CD of your original music? Consider donating a few to the site, to be used as prizes on our live radio contests. It's a great way to get a little promotion for you and your music, on IMW radio. Just send them to the same address shown above. Be sure to let us know, so we watch for them, and let you know when they arrive.

Create a radio promo - Record a radio spot for IMW Radio; a simple "Hi, this is... and you're listening to...", or something more creative. It can be a general promo, or specific to one of the DJs. If you are a listener, we can provide background music. Contact one of the administrators for details.

Getting involved - Attending radio shows in the chat room, posting comments on artist pages, and engaging with other members on the site help IMW remain a vibrant and entertaining community for all of us.

Listener Comments - We want our listeners to let us know what they like. Just send a few sentences, telling us why you enjoy a particular artist or song, to news@indiemusicworks.com. We will post them in the next newsletter

Tell your friends - If you're enjoying Indie Music Works, tell your friends. They'll be glad you did. Subscribing to this newsletter is one way to introduce them to IMW. They can sign up to receive it HERE. We don't advertise, so word of mouth is what feeds our success!

Thanks... and enjoy the site!
~ The IMW Team ~