Hello, to all my Indie Music Works friends! It's an honor to be a member if the IMW Team. I've been a member of IMW since May of 2008, and joined the team in November of that year. I started out in music playing drums in various bands in the 70's and 80's - pop bands, rock bands, lounge bands, even an eight-piece horn band. I began playing keyboards and guitar in my last band, in the 90's. I gave up the gigging scene several years ago, and now concentrate on songwriting, recording, and some internet collaboration. My taste in music is pretty diverse - rock, pop, jazz, R&B, classical, blues, country, just about anything.

When I'm not occupied with music, I have a real job as an engineer in the electronics industry. My wife and I live in Massachusetts, USA.

I hope everyone enjoys Indie Music Works as much as I do. It's a friendly place, full of really talented people. We are indeed family here. If anyone has any questions about the site, feel free to contact any of the IMW Team members. We'll be glad to help.

Frank Northcutt